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Gary D. Howell (Southern California) – See all my reviews
This review is from: nuvoH2O Home Salt-Free Water Softener System (Standard) (Misc.)

One of Amazon’s review guidelines is to “write about anything that the prospective buyer would like to know before making their buying decision.” I’m writing this review to share the results of my extensive investigation regarding salt-free water softeners, how I ended up looking at the NuvoH2O WH2100, and why I decided not to buy it.

I was looking for a non-salt means to eliminate water spotting on dishes, shower doors, my car, etc. I decided to apply a good deal of buyer beware diligence in selecting a product, because my on-line research revealed that:

1. There are substantiated reports that favorable product reviews on the Internet are being submitted by friends, family members and employees of the company selling the product.

2. Some money back warranties (company lingo: “wait until your old pipes clear, to see if the system is working for you”) don’t kick in until after the drop dead date when your credit card company will tell you “you’re out of luck at ever seeing your money again.”

3. You can never initially trust who is at the other end of the Internet wire, and if something does go awry – you don’t have much recourse. Example: there are many blogs with no-salt water conditioning complaints by purchasers that were given canned excuses of why the company’s money back warranty didn’t apply to them.

I first looked at and ruled out those electron/magnetron water zapping devices that clamp or wrap around your water pipe. Every manufacturer I looked at appeared to have a gaping hole in their theory of operation, installation requirements, or money back warranty.

I then looked at several of those large tank “media” systems and noted that a growing number of those manufacturers have stopped calling their systems salt-free water softeners and are now calling them water conditioners; presumably because of threat of litigation. As rationalized by water treatment experts, the media technology appears to be nothing more than an overly large and expensive water filter (a bigger version of the Brita that attaches to the end of your faucet). The water supply throughout your house has the potential for “tastes great”, but hard water deposits and spotting are still a concern.

So, this had me believe that my best choice was the “chelation” process of the NuvoH2O WH2100.

I found several Internet references that the chelation process touted by Nuvo may be the addition of citric acid to the water supply. Some detergents are chelated with citric acid to make them work better in the presence of calcium. So, this may be why Nuvo claims “you’ll use less soap” and why the non-filtering cartridge needs to be replaced every 6 months – it’s being flushed clean of the acid. However, my quest was mitigating water spots – not less soap usage.

I called Nuvo and cross-questioned them about water spots. Their response: “Well no; our device won’t eliminate water spots, but it will make it easier to wipe them off.” While I do applaud them for being candid, here’s how I think they were expecting this claim to be tested. Allow a drinking glass to air dry for an hour. Wipe off the spots. Easy, right?! Well yes, but this would also be easy prior to installing the so-called Water Softener System. The problem with water spots is when they’re allowed to dry and accumulate over days and weeks.

Because of all of my findings above and my decision to apply purchasing diligence, I proposed the following scenario to NuvoH2O:

1. Sell me the WH2100 at their cost (thus no financial investment on their part).

2. Allow me to test if the WH2100 Salt-Free Water Softener System met my minimal expectations (which was to perform something akin to a traditional water softener system).

3. If it did, I’d then send them the full retail funds for the WH2100 (the investigative seed money from #1 above would be extra profit for them). I included rationale as to why they could trust me.

4. I’d also give them a very cogent and credible review on Amazon (without mentioning my unique purchasing exception). I have a long trail of “real life experience” reviews on Amazon which would strongly suggest that my review wasn’t a fake (note: except for a guy that also reviewed a book, all the other reviewers for NuvoH2O are one-time reviewers, as of 12/20/09).

5. But if the WH2100 didn’t meet my minimal expectations, then I’d return the device to them and pay the shipping. They could keep the “seed” money that I had already paid.

Because of the “creativeness” of my proposal, I was ready to accept responses such as “sorry, but our accounting system won’t allow us to do that” or “thanks, but we think our reviews on Amazon are already convincing enough.” However, the response I got surprised me!

Nuvo’s company owner rejected my proposal on the grounds that “he needed to make a profit.” This particular response left me questioning the WH2100’s place as a true water softener, as the only scenario path where he wouldn’t be making a handsome profit was if my issue with hard, accumulated water spots wasn’t addressed. I would return the product, but unlike all their other customers, Nuvo wouldn’t be in control of my $600.

1. All my research indicates that if you’re looking for the “less soap” aspects of a traditional water softener, then the NuvoH2O products are a good choice.

2. If your primary desire is to have a solution for hard water deposits and/or spotting, devise and conduct a “meets my expectations” test soon after you receive the unit, and take all steps necessary to ensure that you can collect on the money back warranty.

Note: This review has been based on verifiable facts, except where I’ve used equivocal terms such as “may”; which are speculations on my part. If proven wrong, I’ll update this review.


M. Graviett “an old homeschooling mom” (Missouri) – See all my reviews
This review is from: nuvoH2O Home Salt-Free Water Softener System (Standard) (Misc.)

We’re in the market for a water softening system and the nuvoH2O sounds great from some of the reviews here. The problem I’m having is that most of the very positive reviews were written with a few days of each other and mostly come from people in Utah who have just this one product review on Amazon. It gives me pause to wonder if the ‘reviews’ are really being written by people who would profit from the sale of the nuvoH20.

I’d like to see some reviews from across the country from Amazon buyers with many product reviews listed.

I’ll wait until I know more ‘real’ info about the product before I buy.


D. Yeoward (Montgomery, TX USA) – See all my reviews
This review is from: nuvoH2O Home Salt-Free Water Softener System (Standard) (Misc.)

We bought this product with the intention that with the money back offer we would be in the same place if it didn’t work. WOW!!
Were we wrong about it not working. We read all the different reviews and agree that the review timelines seemed a “little suspect”. We couldn’t be happier that we were proven wrong. The unit came in 4 days from time order was placed, was easy to install ( minor plumbing skills required). When we first put the water on we could feel a difference in the water, we called a neighbor over that has been in our neighborhood for 15 years and has dealt ad nauseam with the hard water in our area. She was amazed at water coming out of the tap, she asked if she could wash her hair in the sink!!!! She did and said that her hair hasn’t felt that good since she was on vacation . As far as the claims that it helps clear residual build up in shower heads and faucet heads, well again we were amazed. The shower head in our bath has always had a few “sprayers” that dribbled water. In the span of one week the shower is spraying out of all “sprayers” and giving us the best shower our tankless water heater ever gave us!!!! The biggest thing we have noticed is that the water feels better on our skin, hair, clothes, and dishes are coming cleaner (no spots). I am a contractor and I prefer to use new products ( tankless water heaters, dual flow toilets, etc.) on my own home before I recommend any “new technology” to anyone. I can say in my opinion this product works and works well !!! The company has great customer service and I was very pleased with the purchase. hope this helps anyone looking for a solution to hard water issues.


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